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Northside Christian Academy 

With over half of the classes filled to capacity each year, admission can be very competitive. For classes that are not full, the Admissions Team decides which applicants will be admitted based on the applicant's file and academic record. However, for classes that have more applicants than there are vacancies, an anonymous Admissions Committee will decide which applicants will be admitted.

The primary factor the Admissions Team will consider when granting admission is the academic record of the applicant. Once the applicant has met the academic and character standards required for acceptance to NCA, the following factors may also be considered by the Admission Team prior to making their recommendation:

  • Date of Application

  • Siblings are in attendance at Northside

  • Child of a Northside employee

  • Exemplary Christian Behavior

  • Superior Academic Achievement


"I have two children who attend elementary school at Northside Christian Academy. We have had the privilege of calling NCA "our school" for the past three years. I can honestly say Northside has been a tremendous blessing to our family. The staff members and teachers are carefully selected to meet the high standards of Northside. They each have a genuine love for the Lord & for the students. I have said many times that as you enter the school and walk the halls, "there is a sweet spirit in the air." Each morning when I drop my children off I have the confidence that they will be prayed over & loved on throughout the day. The size of the classrooms at NCA allows for each child to get individual attention. NCA offers high academic standards but most importantly it teaches children from a Godly perspective and not a worldly perspectly. Northside reinforces daily the biblical values that we strive to teach our childen. My two children accepted the Lord & were baptized at NCA. This is the kind of school I want to be a part of and invest in!! I would highly recommend you visiting NCA, meeting our staff, & visiting our classrooms."

The Gissendanner Family