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Believing, Defending & Proclaiming the Truth
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Believing, Defending & Proclaiming the Truth
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Believing, Defending & Proclaiming the Truth

Our Values

Our Vision

The vision of Northside Christian Academy is to trust our Lord as we seek academic and biblical excellence. We believe this will be accomplished with much prayer, commitment, and great leadership among the administration and faculty, supported by a strong base of parental involvement. Our goal is to prepare students to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ so that the generations to come might know Him. (Psalm 78:4)

Our Mission

To lovingly lead and equip students to believe, defend, and proclaim the Truth.


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High School

Our Upper School Students are encouraged to excel academically and grow spiritually to reach their ultimate potential. Whether it's academics, athletics or fine arts, our students are continually excelling. 

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Middle School

We urge our middle school students to try new things and explore new vistas.  Preparing them for high school, introducing learning through critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. 

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Lower School

Our Lower School students are encouraged to experiment; we easily engage them with active, hands-on learning. During this time, we seek to expand their interest and get them excited to learn!

About Northside Christian Academy

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In September of 2011, Northside Christian Academy opened it's doors as a ministry of Northside Baptist Church. Northside Christian Academy is the result of much prayer, fasting, and vision on the part of those whom God called to launch a distinctively different Christian school in the Lexington Community. The school was birthed on the behalf of the children and families in Lexington and the greater Columbia area, in order that they may Believe, Defend, and Proclaim the TRUTH of Jesus Christ.

We believe that by God's divine providence the school has come into existence. God began a work by planting seeds in the hearts of a high school student, a pastor, and three moms. In God's perfect timing He would weave these lives together to begin an incredible journey. Jeremiah 33:3 says, "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Almost two years ago we began to call to God for a Christian school in Lexington, South Carolina.

We formed a team of prayer warriors and began to meet and pray. Although our faith has been tested along the way, God has been "Faithful and True" (Revelation 19:11). The valleys have been exalted and the mountains have been brought low; the crooked places have been made straight and the rough places smooth, so that the glory of the LORD may be revealed... (Isaiah 40:4-5).

God has made the impossible possible!

The very heartbeat of Northside Christian Academy is to have a distinct and lasting effect upon our community and our nation. Our mission is to assist parents in providing a wholly Christian Education so that their children are rooted and grounded in a biblical worldview. As you work through this website, we believe you will see the difference that a Northside Christian Academy education will make.

The journey has just begun, and we are confident of this, that He who begins a good work, will complete it (Philippians 1:6). We serve a Great and Mighty God to Whom we give all the glory and praise!

May God richly bless you and your family; "so generations to come might know Him..." Psalm 78:4.

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Here are the testimonies of families who have already been positively affected by their association with Northside Christian Academy.

I have two children who attend elementary school at Northside Christian Academy. We have had the privilege of calling NCA "our school" for the past three years. I can honestly say Northside has been a tremendous blessing to our family. The staff members and teachers are carefully selected to meet the high standards of Northside. They each have a genuine love for the Lord & for the students. I have said many times that as you enter the school and walk the halls, "there is a sweet spirit in the air." Each morning when I drop my children off I have the confidence that they will be prayed over & loved on throughout the day. The size of the classrooms at NCA allows for each child to get individual attention. NCA offers high academic standards but most importantly it teaches children from a Godly perspective and not a worldly perspectly. Northside reinforces daily the biblical values that we strive to teach our childen. My two children accepted the Lord & were baptized at NCA. This is the kind of school I want to be a part of and invest in!! I would highly recommend you visiting NCA, meeting our staff, & visiting our classrooms.

The Gissendanner Family

From the moment we stepped foot in Northside, we knew this is where God wanted our children to attend school. And since that very first day, we have been continually blown away at the education our children are getting, but more than that, by the amount of love they receive on a daily basis, and the spiritual growth they've had in just a year of being at NCA. We feel very blessed and humbled to be a part of such an amazing school and we are looking forward to watching our children grow at Northside!

The Gauntt Family

Statement of Faith

Our Purpose

Provide Christ-like love, Promote a Biblical worldview, Pursue excellence in education and Partner with our families

We believe there is one and only one living and true God.  He is the Creator and Ruler of the universe.  God is all powerful, all knowing, and His perfect knowledge extends to all things, past, present, and future, including the future decisions of His creation.  To Him we owe the highest love, reverence, and obedience.  The eternal God reveals himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with distinct personal attributes, but without division of nature, essence, or being.  This is called the Trinity.

Genesis 1:1, 26-27, 3:22; Psalm 90:2; Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians

13:14; 1Timothy 1:17



We believe the Bible was written by men divinely inspired and is God’s revelation of Himself to man.  It is a perfect treasure of divine instruction.  It has God for its author, salvation for its end, and truth, without any mixture of error, for its matter.  Therefore, all Scripture is totally true and trustworthy.  It reveals the principles by which God judges us, and therefore is the supreme source of truth for Christian beliefs and living.

Isaiah 40:8; Psalm 119:105, 160; Proverbs 30:5; 2 Timothy 1:13, 3:16; 2

Peter 1:20-21



We believe Jesus is the eternal Son of God, co-equal with the Father.  When Jesus took on human form, He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and offered Himself as the one and only perfect sacrifice for the sins of all people by dying on the cross.  He arose from the dead after three days to demonstrate His power over sin and death.  He ascended to Heaven and will return again to earth to reign as King.

Matthew 1:22-23; Isaiah 9:6; John 1:1-5, 14; 10:30; 14:7-11; Acts 1:9-11; Romans 1:3-4; 1 Corinthians 15:3-4; Colossians 1:15-20; Hebrews 4:14-15; Titus 2:13

We believe the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, co-equal with the Father and the Son of God.  He guided human authors to give us a perfect Bible.  He is present in the world today to make men aware of their need for Jesus Christ.  He also lives in every Christian from the moment of salvation.  He provides the Christian with power, understanding, and guidance.  When we are saved, the Holy Spirit gives every believer at least one spiritual gift.  As Christians, we seek to live under his control.

Acts 5:3-4; 2 Corinthians 3:17; John 16:7-13, 14:16-17; Acts 1:8; 1 Corinthians 3:16; Ephesians 1:13; Galatians 5:25; Ephesians 5:18



We believe man is made in the image of God, the supreme object of God’s creation.  In the beginning, man was innocent of sin and was endowed by God with freedom of choice.  By his free choice Adam, the first man, sinned against God and brought sin into the human race.  This sin separates us from God, causes many problems in life, and results in eternal death.  Our only hope is Gods free gift of salvation provided through Jesus death on the cross.  When we repent of our sin, place our faith in Jesus, and surrender to Jesus as Lord we are saved.  There is no salvation apart from personal faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  Since salvation is a gift, we are secure.  We cannot lose our salvation.  We can however lose our joy and effectiveness through sin which will bring the loving discipline of our Heavenly Father.

Genesis 1:26-27, 2:17, 3:1-7; Psalm 8:3-6; Isaiah 53:6; Romans 3:23; Isaiah 59:1,2; Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2:8-9; John 1:12, 14:6; Titus 3:5; Galatians 3:26; Romans 5:1



We believe God, in His own time and in His own way, will bring this world to its appropriate end.  According to His promise, Jesus Christ will return personally and visibly in glory to earth, the dead will be raised, and Christ will judge all men.  Those who have accepted Christ will spend eternity in heaven.  Those who have rejected Him will spend eternity in hell.  Heaven and hell are real places.

John 14:1-3; Acts 1:11, 17:31; 2 Corinthians 5:10; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 20:15; Matthew 26:31-46; Revelation 21:1



We believe the church is a local congregation of baptized believers, associated by covenant for the purpose of inviting people to believe in Jesus, belong to His family, and become like Him.  We believe Jesus is the head of the church but for the purpose of order and direction, He has called Pastors to lead His church. Baptism is the public profession of our faith in obedience to the command of Jesus.  Baptism is only for believers and is only by immersion. The Lord’s Supper is a symbolic act of obedience whereby Christian believers, through partaking of the bread and the cup, commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and anticipate His Second Coming.

Matthew 16:15-19, 18:15-20; Acts 2:41-42, 47, 5:11-14, 6:3-6, 14:23, 20:28; Romans 1:7; 1 Corinthians 1:2; Ephesians 1:22-23; Philippians 1:1; Colossians 1:18; 1 Timothy 2:9-14, 3:1-15, 4:14; Hebrews 13:17; 1 Peter 5:1-4



We believe God has ordained the family as the foundational institution of human society. A family is composed of persons related to one another by marriage, blood, or placement/adoption.  Marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime. A husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. He has the God-given responsibility to provide for, to protect, and to lead his family. A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ. She, being in the image of God, as is her husband, and thus equal to him, has the God-given responsibility to respect her husband and to serve as his helper in managing the household and nurturing the next generation.  Children, from the moment of conception, are a blessing and heritage from the Lord. Parents are to demonstrate to their children God's pattern for marriage. Parents are to teach their children spiritual and moral values and to lead them, through consistent example and loving discipline.  Children are to honor and obey their parents.

Genesis 1:26-28, 2:15-25; Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Psalms 127:3; 139:13-16; Proverbs 1:8, 12:4, 13:24, 22:6, 31:10-31; Malachi 2:14-16; Matthew 5:31-32, 18:2-5, 19:3-9; 1 Corinthians 7:1-16; Ephesians 5:21-33, 6:1-4; Colossians 3:18-21; 1 Timothy 5:8; Titus 2:3-5; Hebrews 13:4;1 Peter 3:1-7



We believe all Christians are called to be “salt and light” in the world.  Therefore, in the spirit of Christ, we should oppose racism, every form of greed, selfishness, and vice, and all forms of sexual immorality, including adultery, homosexuality, and pornography.  We should work to provide for the orphaned, the needy, the abused, the aged, the helpless, and the sick.  We should speak on behalf of the unborn and contend for the sanctity of all human life. Every Christian should seek to bring society as a whole under the principles of righteousness, truth, and brotherly love.

Exodus 20:3-17; Deuteronomy 10:12-13; Psalm 101:3; Proverbs 6:16-19; Jeremiah 1:5; Micah 6:8; Matthew 5:13-48, 22:36-40, 25:35, 10:21; Romans 1:18-32, 12-14; 1 Corinthians 5:9-10, 6:1-11, 10:23-11:1; 2 Corinthians 6:17; Colossians 3:12-17; 1 Thessalonians 3:12; James 1:27, 2:8



For a more detailed statement, refer to the most recent Baptist Faith and Message