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Fine Arts at

NCA offers many opportunities for students to experience God’s creative nature. All artistic endeavors are manifestations of God’s nature.  He is not only the Great Artist, but also the object of our desire, and by His very nature defines for our beauty and creativity. Students at NCA experience By creating art, drama, music, and dance we express our desire to be like Him and glorify Him by working to advance our creative gifts so that we can show His beauty and truth to the world.


We are committed to providing well-trained and experienced teachers who are eager to share their passion and musicianship.

Students have the opportunity to participate in art, concert band, choir and worship arts classes K4-12th grade. 

We also offer a Fine Arts Academy for after-school lessons and classes in:


  • Guitar (acoustic, electric, ukulele)

  • Dance (ballet and modern classes or private lessons)

  • Drums Brass (euphonium, trumpet, trombone, tuba)

  • Piano

  • Voice

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