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We want to engage our alumni in our mission and are creating a culture where alumni are valued, involved, and invested.

If you are a Northside Christian alumna or alumnus, here are tangible ways you can give back to your alma mater:

1 ."Give your year” to the Annual Fund

For instance, if you graduated in 2018, you could choose to give $20.18, $201.80 or $2018.00 to commemorate your graduation year.


Attend Homecoming during your reunion year, or any year!

2. We value our alumni and love seeing you back on campus. Please join us each fall as we celebrate Homecoming, with a great football game and fun activities.

Keep Ben Lippen posted on exciting events in your life.

3. Keep us posted! We want to celebrate marriages, births, big moves and job promotions with you. Contact our alumni office at with your updates.

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