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With over half of the classes filled to capacity each year, admission can be very competitive. For classes that are not full, the Admissions Team decides which applicants will be admitted based on the applicant's file and academic record. However, for classes that have more applicants than there are vacancies, an anonymous Admissions Committee will decide which applicants will be admitted.

The primary factor the Admissions Team will consider when granting admission is the academic record of the applicant. Once the applicant has met the academic and character standards required for acceptance to NCA, the following factors may also be considered by the Admission Team prior to making their recommendation:

  • Date of Application
  • Siblings are in attendance at Northside
  • Child of a Northside employee
  • Exemplary Christian Behavior
  • Superior Academic Achievement

For Miscellaneous Fees, please visit our parent portal!

To Schedule a Tour, Please Contact Admissions at 803-520-5656

Tuition Fee Schedule

Registration and Application Fees are non-refundable. Annual registration fee is $480, One time application fee is $75. 

New Students: One Time Application Fee ($75) and ½ of the Annual Registration Fee ($240) are due when the application is submitted; balance of Registration Fee ($240) is due upon acceptance.   

Returning Students: ½ of the Registration Fee ($240) is due when re-enrollment packet is submitted; balance of Registration Fee ($240) will be drafted on August 1st.

*One discount applicable per family: Families enrolling more than one student are eligible for 10% Sibling discount on the lowest student’s tuition. If enrolling an Early Education student and an Academy student, 10% Sibling discount will apply to the Academy student’s tuition. Payments will be made through FACTS tuition online payment program.


  • Before/After School charges & late pickup charges, please refer to our website for details
  • Returned checks or drafts - $30 FACTS fee, $10 NCA fee for each return
  • Minimal incidental charges: yearbooks, school store purchases, childcare, fieldtrips, Fun Friday, etc.

Required Admission Documentation

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